I suggest you get comfy and say a prayer because this is a lot to digest…

Chika spoke out via Twitter on Tuesday in support of Tamir Rice’s mother, who blasted Tamika Mallory and others after Lil Baby’s Grammys performance on Sunday night.

Samaria Rice took to Facebook writing:

I’m tired you Black Lives Matter (Tamika mallory and crew) b*tches that’s riding these families backs. And y’all ambulance chasing attorneys (Ben Crump) (Lee Merrick) too! Y’all have f**ked up our fight and y’all can kiss my @ss too…

Chika, who publicly shared her disgust with YG turning a Breonna Taylor march into a music video shoot, took to Twitter in support of Samaria and shared that she too, “don’t trust it.” 

I had to divest from the BLM celebrity group chat last summer bc when I voiced disgust that they’d allowed YG to turn a march and vigil for Breonna Taylor into a concert/music video, nobody wanted to admit it was wrong. 

I don’t trust it, I’m sorry. She’s right.

I have homies in the group and wouldn’t want to speak ill of them as people, but there is such a thing as objective truth. 

Nobody that day spoke up but me & Amber Riley. 

Left the march in angry tears. Left the chat that same day.

When your desire for attention & proximity to powerful black celebrities comes at the expense of the fight for justice, you’ve sold your soul.

There’s a lot more I wanted to say, but I felt the burden of being the one to discredit a group that is seemimgly “doing the work.”

But I learned a lot of dark shit that day & haven’t associated with them since.

Unfortunately, Twitter did what it does and only focused on the “Celebrity Group Chat” mentioned. 

The Grammy-nominated rapper attempted to offer more clarity.

Lemme be super clear w/ my words. The majority of the people IN the chat had good intentions and showed up for the right reasons. 

(Also, it’s not called the “BLM celebrity group chat,” I just dk what else to call it.)

The weird behavior was from the leadership.

To be fair, it was created to be a secure place to speak about where certain marches/demonstrations were taking place. 

Vocal influencers’ platforms were being watched by LAPD/local government. I even got detained. 

The chat was a way to spread information w/o leaks.

I’m not defending BLM at all, but I think too many people are getting hung up on the existence of a group chat when that was never the issue.

Don’t get distracted, there’s important shit to discuss.

Imma just let y’all be mad at influencers/celebs for thinking that they were doing good instead of the BLM committee who knew they were not. Let’s just ignore that an organization people wanted to trust was using people with platforms to seem more legit.

This is part of the reason bad people get away with bad things. Because even when it comes out, we’d rather focus on the false concept of exclusivity instead of the evil shit people are doing.

The message of the original tweet is that once I peeped that BLM’s leaders didn’t value or respect the lives of the fallen, it made sense that we were being used as pawns. I called it out and left immediately. Celebs weren’t the ones profiting. BLM did.

Chika also shared this voice note:

But, there’s more…

Shaun King entered the convo by taking to social media to stand with Tamika Mallory.

Shaun posted a beautiful photo of the Until Freedom founder and noted:

I won’t stand for any slander of her. She’s done too much for us, for me to accept it.

See his original post below:


Then, he wrote an article about Samaria Rice saying she is lashing out because of pain and grief (not because of any possible shady doings within the BLM community).

As you can imagine, Shaun is currently trending on social media as people react to his latest offering.

Peep a few tweets below.


I warned you that there was a lot to process in this post. But, I know one thing is for certain – I couldn’t begin to imagine what Samaria Rice is going through.

Please keep her uplifted in prayer.

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