According to street code, women and children are off limits, so this Chika situation is super ugly.

The Grammy-nominated rapper and actor, who appeared in Netflix’s “Project Power,” is trending on social media after she clapped back at online trolls by dragging their kids.

After receiving unprovoked and downright rude and disrespectful comments about her appearance, her weight, and her career…Chika retaliated by comparing one little girl to a dog and another to a skeleton.

Chika was unapologetic in her actions as she tweeted, “they go low, we go to hell.

When people became outraged over her attacks on children, specifically little black girls…the rapper’s response was:

Peep a few Twitter reactions below.

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Chika is such a talented rapper.

Unfortunately, every time she comes across my radar it’s because she’s publicly beefing with someone, she’s lashing out about something, or dragging children online.

Hurt people…hurt people.

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