charmaine - black ink crew chicago

Charmaine Walker is in labor!

The “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star took to Instagram to share she and Neek are moments away from meeting their princess!

The big day arrived literally two days after Charmaine hit 40 weeks of pregnancy.

The couple was very excited about meeting their doula on Friday and learning some fun things that will naturally induce her labor.

Clearly, it worked because by Friday night, Charmaine was in labor!

We leaving this place with a whole baby!!! Looks like my doula @butterflybirthingdoula did her thing and put me into labor lol. It was rough!! I was up all night but now I feel great thanks to the epidural ? I kept @neekbey up too lol! yayayayayay!! Nola Bey coming soon!

See Charmaine’s original post below:

I’m so excited for Charmaine and I know her mother is smiling down from heaven as her grandchild enters the world!

Sending prayers up for the safe delivery of baby Nola Bey!