Remember “Bootz” from “Flavor of Love” and VH1’s “Charm School?”

Well, she’s causing a small buzz in these internet streets after claiming Mo’Nique had her blacklisted.

Bootz, real name Larissa Hodge, was a recent guest on the “Talk of Love” podcast, hosted by Lacey Sculls.

She recalled a celebrity event she wanted to attend, but was told by her publicist she couldn’t go because Mo’Nique said she wouldn’t attend if Bootz was there.

There was a particular situation where my publicist told me there was a celebrity spa day thing and I wanted to go. 

But, she said, ‘Oh, we have a problem.’ I was like, ‘What?’ So, my publicist was like, ‘Yeah, Mo’Nique said if you go, she’s not going.’

Because Mo’Nique was a bigger actress at the time, of course, they’re going to pick her. So, I couldn’t go to the event. So, she basically blacklisted me.

People ask me now what I think about what’s going on with her? I think that that’s karma because you been blacklisting people. It’s not just me. There’s people that she’s done things to because she thought because she won that Oscar, ‘oh, I’m on top!’ 

But, no because God will always stop all those blessings because you do people dirty for no reason. 

Watch the clip below:

Mo’Nique slid into the comments of the video clip and simply wrote:

Y’all should be ashamed of yourself!

See the comment below:

If you care the watch, the entire interview is below.

Now, we not gone act like there hasn’t been bad blood between these two since 2007

Do you believe Mo’Nique tried to blacklist Bootz?

Sidebar: Am I the only one who saw the word “blacklist” and immediately thought of him?

Don’t mind me. It’s Monday!