Charles Wide Neck McDowell arrested in Florida

Charles “Wide Neck” McDowell, the man whose mug shot went viral in 2018, was arrested again in Florida

This time, Charles is facing two charges, one for aggravated stalking and another for withholding support for a child or spouse

“Wide Neck” was arrested on Sunday, November 27, and booked into the Escambia County Jail. 

Charles McDowell was arrested in 2018 on a collection of charges including fleeing/eluding police, and drug charges relating to methamphetamine, cocaine, and marijuana.

His mugshot quickly went viral and he became social media famous. 

“Wide Neck” linked up with another online personality by the name of “Daddy Long Neck” and they became Neck Bros For Life. 

The father of four has garnered over 1 million followers on Instagram where he posts photos of himself with celebrities, candid photos and videos, and silly neck jokes like the one below.

Hopefully, Charles will get it together sooner than later.

Source: WJTV

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