A 70-year-old man was arrested and charged with the hit-and-run death of Nicki Minaj‘s father, Robert Maraj.

Charles Polevich surrendered to police early Wednesday morning and was charged with leaving the scene of an accident and tampering with evidence. 

After striking Maraj with his car, Polevich got out of his white 1992 Volvo station wagon, stood over Mr. Maraj and asked him if “he was okay.” 

Then, he jumped back into his vehicle and drove off, leaving Robert Maraj dying in the street. 

Charles Polevich drove home avoiding intersections where he knew there would be cameras.

When Polevich got home, he hid his car in his garage and covered it with tarp.

Maraj was rushed to a nearby hospital in critical condition where he died later that day from his injuries.

“He was absolutely aware of what happened,” Nassau County Detective Lt. Stephen Fitzpatrick said at a press conference Wednesday. “He got out of the car and looked at the deceased. He made the conscious decision to leave.”

Polevich was ordered held on $250,000 bond during a brief arraignment in Nassau County Criminal Court on Wednesday.

He is due back in court on Friday.

An eye witness, who saw Robert Maraj after he was struck by the car, said:

I looked through the window, he didn’t look good. He must have had a down vest, the feathers were all over the street.

Where’s the vehicular homicide charge?

Source: NY Daily News