Chancellor Lee Adams is celebrating another milestone in his miraculous life – he will be graduating from a Charlotte high school on June 5.

Chancellor Lee, now 21, is the son of former Carolina Panther Rae Carruth and the late Cherica Adams.

He has permanent brain damage and cerebral palsy as a result of his traumatic birth in 1999, when his mother was shot four times by a hitman Carruth hired.

Cherica died that night, but Chancellor, under the loving care of his grandmother, Saundra Adams, continues to defy the odds and live his best life.

Rae Carruth, who has always maintained his innocence, was released from prison in October 2018 after serving nearly 19 years behind bars for his role in Cherica’s murder. 

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Since his release, he’s sent Chancellor Lee several thousand dollars of the millions in damages he owes the Adams family. 

But, he still has made no attempt to see or talk to his son. 

Saundra, has forgiven Rae and is still optimistic about him connecting with his son.

I’m hoping that someone will tell him about this great milestone that Chancellor is reaching. And as always, I’m still open — maybe we can have some communication.

Congratulations to Chancellor Lee! 

Source: Charlotte Observer

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