Update (September 13, 2021) : I am very happy to report Cedric Ceballos is COVID-19 free, but he isn’t out of the woods yet.

The former NBA baller took to social media on Monday to offer an update on his condition after he asked for prayers following a 10-day stay in the intensive care unit.

Cedric shared:

Hello family and friends, giving a UPDATE on my health situation….. I am COVID-19 free, thank you so very much for your prayers and well wishes to help me with that.

I still CAN NOT breathe, walk or function on my own yet (so PLEASE no phone calls, it’s to much work and hard to understand me).

I am out of isolation, due to not having covid, but still in ICU, I will still fight and I ask for uplifting on your end. Continue to be nice to one another and I pray we will talk soon. #GODmorning (no typo)

See his original post below.

Sending continued prayers to Cedric for a full and speedy recovery.

Original Post:

Cedric Ceballos is asking for your prayers.

The 52-year-old former NBA baller has been hospitalized in the intensive care unit for 10 days battling COVID-19. 

Cedric took to Instagram on Tuesday (September 7) and posted a photo of himself wearing an oxygen mask while laying in a hospital bed. 

The caption on the post read:

On my 10th day in ICU, COVID-19 is officially kicking my but, I am asking ALL family, friends , prayer warriors healers for your prayers and well wish for my recovery.

If I have done and anything to you in the past , allow me to publicly apologize.

My fight is not done…..

Thank you

See his original post below. 

Cedric Ceballos first indicated he had COVID-19 back on August 27 when he posted he was postponing his foundation’s Golf Classic.

He had just been released from the hospital when he posted: 

I am saddened to have to POSTPONE the @cedricceballosfoundation meet & greet @torchcigarbar also the golf tournament @therealpapagogc due to the fact That I have contracted COVID-19, I am out of the hospital and currently resting @ home. Hopefully I will get back to the best of health and quick recovery. When we have new dates we will post, thank you for your understanding and God bless.

The past couple of months has had its ups and downs for Cedric. 

On August 2, Cedric announced he is no longer Vice President of the Dallas Mavericks, but he excitedly announced he had landed a new gig on a radio show. 

Later that month, is when he contracted COVID-19 and he’s been in and out of the hospital.

Please join me in uplifting him and everyone who may be battling COVID-19 at this time.

Get well soon!