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Ayaz Naeem Ansari, a 39-year-old North Carolina man, was arrested on Sunday after a high-speed chase, on his way to the beach to flaunt his new Audi RS7.

Ansari literally told the police he was speeding so he could get to Myrtle Beach to “show it off.”

The plot thickens…

Police first spotted Ansari when he was flying through a construction zone on I-95.

The chase ensued and it is reported that Ansari gunned it to a speed of 187 mph, according to local Raleigh, NC, news outlet WRAL the Audi RS7 has a top speed of 190 mph on the dash.

Ansari crashed the car trying to avoid police stop sticks that were planted to slow him down.

The front grill of the Audi was lost in the crash.

Ansari was arrested for evading the police, speeding in a construction zone, and he was also charged with trafficking opium and heroin.

Riding dirty…

He was taken to Johnston Country Jail in NC.

According to WRAL, Ansari is being held under a $125,000 bond.

Source: Newsweek