Carl Weber’s ‘The Family Business’ Renewed For Season 3 By BET+

BET+ has renewed Carl Weber’s “The Family Business” for a third season. 

The exciting news comes midway through season two.

The show is based on the bestselling crime drama book series from Weber. 

The Family Business” follows the Duncans, an upstanding, tightknit family that, by day, owns and operates an exotic car dealership in New York. By night, their business activities are more illicit in nature.

Nikaya D Brown Jones, executive producer and showrunner said:

We are honored and forever grateful to BET/Viacom for this opportunity to employ and empower our stellar cast and crew during these unprecedented times.

To be granted a Season 3 is a testament to the strength and tenacity of our entire Family Business Team and our ability to uplift and entertain our audience in the midst of it all.

Ernie Hudson, Valarie Pettiford, Darrin DeWitt Henson, Javicia Leslie, Sean Ringgold, Tami Roman, Miguel A. Nunez, Arrington Foster, KJ Smith, Dylan Weber, Yadi Valerio and Emilio Rivera are all set to return for the third season. 

Congrats to the cast and crew.

Do you watch the show?

Source: Deadline

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