Carey Kelly, R. Kelly’s younger brother, recently spoke to the media and gave his perspective on his brother’s federal trial.

Carey Kelly believes his brother’s accusers are lying under oath, and he thinks the case should be thrown out.

I got a chance to see the lies that these people told, in the court of law, under oath.

It changed the whole game.

To be able to see that with my own eyes, not hearsay but seesay, and it’s a difference.

I think they should actually just throw it out, and he should be acquitted or drop the charges because they lying.

They are lying on him in a court of law.  

Carey has a totally different stance now than he did two years ago in a CBS Chicago interview where he admitted that R. Kelly had an interest in underage girls.

He said in the CBS interview, that he noticed troubling behavior from his brother decades ago when his brother would ask him to get girls for him, that looked underaged, at concerts.

Watch the video from outside the Brooklyn courtroom below:

Watch the CBS Chicago interview with Carey Kelly from 2019 below:

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