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Cardi B Throws Mic After Fan Tosses Drink At Her On Stage


Cardi B threw her microphone into the crowd after a “fan” tossed a drink at her.

The incident occurred over the weekend while the Grammy Award-winning rapper was performing in Las Vegas.

Initially, the drink stunned Cardi, but it wasn’t long before she reacted by throwing her mic at the culprit.

Watch the clip below.

Cardi B spoke on the incident on Stationhead saying: 

A b**ch got f**kin assaulted!

When water and ice get thrown in your f**kin face and hit you mad hard…

What happened yesterday was blatantly disrespectful!

Watch the “Good Morning America” report below. 

Folks are going to get enough of going to shows and trying to assault and disrespect the artists who are performing.

Do you think Cardi B handled the situation accordingly?

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