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Cardi B Lashes Out At Her Fanbase For Assuming She Reconciled With Offset

Cardi B

Cardi B took to social media and lashed out at her fanbase after they began to assume and criticize her for allegedly reconciling with Offset.

I previously reported, Cardi announced she was single earlier this month.

Then, a day after Offset’s birthday celebration in Miami, Cardi B had a full meltdown on social media and called her estranged husband out for the way that he treats her.

It appears after Christmas photos and videos of Cardi and Offset coming together for their children hit the streets of Al Gore’s internet, people began to assume they had worked things out (like they usually do) and were back together.

The “Bongos” rapper went bonkers as she lashed out at people for making incorrect assumptions about her relationship status.

Did I say out my mouth that I was back with somebody so why the f— is y’all talking s— for?

Why TF is y’all talking s—?! FOH! Leave me TF alone!! 

I can’t even say nothing! Why TF y’all keep bothering me for?!

Did I confirm anything??? STFU!!

Cardi B went on to say she’s “about to delete her whole social media.”

I don’t see nobody talking s—, but my own f— fanbase,” she screamed in a Twitter Talk Space.

Listen to Cardi B sound off below.

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