Cardi B Is Tired Of Lil Kim Being Cyber-Bullied
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Cardi B is sick and tired of Lil Kim being cyber-bullied on social media.

The Grammy Award-winning Hip Hop star shared her disgust for the way Kim is treated via Twitter while responding to a tweet from Edidion.

He wrote:

Watching @LilKim get bullied, mocked, and disrespected by thousands of people online is really upsetting.

The other day it was because of her halftime performance and now it’s because of a role she played in a movie.

At what point will this weird hate bandwagon for Lil’ Kim end? You push these people until they break and then all of a sudden you want to show sympathy.

We have lost so many people in the music industry and some suffer from mental health issues to this day.

You would think that the blogs/people online would be kinder with their words.

Sorry for the super-long thread but I had to get this off my chest. @LilKim you are loved and appreciated!.

Cardi B responded to the first tweet of his thread, writing:

I’m tired of it and it’s heartbreaking…She’s is so sweet, supportive, and a REAL F**KIN LEGEND…I remember when I used to beef wit b**ches and I used to put on my MySpace her song F**K YOU! I think it gotta be these 2000’s born kids on this app that don’t know about sh*t!

Another person questioned why Cardi hasn’t done a collaboration with Kim if she’s so concerned about her well-being.

If you so tired of it then give her a collab bbg oh wait the only time it’s beneficial to support her is on Twitter.

Cardi responded to that tweet with:

What do a collab go to do with someone constantly getting CYBER BULLY? before a artist I am a woman wit feelings and I know how much it hurts to constantly get picked on…When I collab wit her is going to be at the right time & the right song. I don’t rush BIG MOMENTS!

Someone also mentioned that Lil Kim could have been included on the Bruised soundtrack, which definitely would have been a good look.

But, I do agree with Cardi B that it’s heartbreaking to Kim, or anyone for that matter, get cyber-bullied online.

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