#CancelNetflix Trends As Outrage Over ‘Cuties’ Continues

The call to cancel Netflix is loud and strong in the streets of social media as the outrage continues over the film, Cuties.

It was last month that the popular streamer got dragged for oversexualizing little girls on the promo poster for the film.

But, the shizznit has hit the fan now that the film has been released and folks are learning it’s far worse than the poster indicated.

The first indication that this French film is going horribly wrong is it stars little girls, but it’s rated TV-MA.

Then, there was this parental warning:

A petition was launched urging Netflix to remove the title from its catalog, but they apparently weren’t moved by my signature.

Thus, the dragging continued…

I saw a few clips floating around on social media and I am completely blown away and mortified!

As a result of the backlash…Netflix’s stock dropped nearly $20 on Thursday (September 10).

Netflix needs to listen to the people on this one.

Cuties is not the hill they should be willing to die on.

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