A California teenager chose violence when a family of bears attempted to jump down from a cement wall to attack her dogs.

Hailey, who is 17-years-old, sprung into action as if this is a regular occurrence in the video. She showed no fear when she shoved the biggest bear off the wall.

What appeared to be two bear cubs instantly started running away into a tree when they saw Haily approaching.

They didn’t want no smoke with Hailey.

After Hailey shoved the big bear off the wall back into a neighbors yard, she gathered her dogs to protect them.

The big bear managed to get back on the wall, but he decided to follow the cubs into the tree.

Watch the video below:

Hailey has clearly never seen the movie The Revenant, but shout out to the California teenager because the video shows she’s about that life.

Source: TMZ