A California college professor went off on her student during a discussion related to policing in America.

Freshman student Bradon Ellis was in a Zoom lecture with his professor at Cypress College when he told the class he believes the majority of police officers are good people and they should be considered heroes.

He did acknowledge that there are some bad officers who need to be disciplined.

His professor responded that there is little to no accountability when police officers cross the line.

Brandon agreed with his professor, but he stood his ground claiming that most officers join the force to protect and serve, therefore they deserve hero status.

His professor snapped and failed to grasp his logic.

So what is your bottom line point? You’re saying police officers should be revered, viewed as heroes? They belong on TV shows with children?

Brandon seemed annoyed, but he stood firm on his opinion.

I think they are heroes in a sense because they come to your need and help you.

The professor disagreed and said she wouldn’t call the police if she was in trouble because she doesn’t trust them.

Brandon acknowledge that his opinion may not be popular but that is how he feels.

The California college professor had enough and ended the conversation with a thank you.

Watch the video below:


Brandon must put his blinders on when these blatant acts of police brutality and systemic racism by police officers are publicized.

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