Bun B gave some incredible insight on Pimp C’s swag as he reflected on the making of the song and video for “Big Pimpin.”

Bun appeared on B High TV, the internet show of Atlanta radio personality B High, and talked about he and Pimp C’s experience making the song and video for “Big Pimpin” with Jay-Z.

Bun said initially he didn’t know anything about the song until he got in the studio in New York.

He said the song had a different hook at first, and he was told everyone was going to record their verse with a different hook.

But, they ended up keeping the hook that Bun used for the whole record.

Jay-Z was impressed with Bun’s bars on the record, but Pimp C didn’t agree to be on the song until two months later.

Pimp said he was only going to do eight bars on the song, and Bun believes that Pimp’s eight bars ended up being “eight of the most iconic bars in history.”

As for the video, Bun said they received a $1M budget to shoot the video in Trinidad and Tobago during Carnival, but Pimp didn’t go because he had a new car and a new lady at the time.

Pimp C and his new lady (Gloria Velez), who was also supposed to be in the video, showed up at the video reshoot in Miami. 

Pimp and Gloria got dressed in mink coats in 90 degree weather to film the video on the beach in Miami.

So Jay-Z asked Pimp if he was really going to shoot the video in a mink coat, and Bun said Pimp looked at Jay-Z and said, “Man, TV ain’t got no temperature” and walked off.

Bun said Jay-Z looked at him and said, “Your brother is a mf’n star.”

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Watch the “Big Pimpin” video below:

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