Buffalo Bills Safety Damar Hamlin Gives First Interview Since His Collapse On The Field

In his first televised interview since his injury, Damar Hamlin said that he is “still processing” what happened.

On January 2, the Buffalo Bills safety suffered a cardiac arrest on the field during his team’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals on January 2.

During the “GMA” interview with Michael Strahan, there were two moments where Damar shared that he would prefer not to answer the question.

The first moment was when Michael asked, “Do you remember standing up after you make that tackle?

The second question was, “How did doctors describe what happened to you?

Damar Hamlin declined to answer the questions because he said he is still processing what happened to him in that game and the trauma around that situation.

He credits his assistant athletic trainer Denny Kellington, who was the first to come out and administer CPR and alert everyone that the situation was serious, with saving his life.

I owe Denny my life, literally, you know, him just, you know… 

He loves to say he was just doing his job, which is true, that night he was literally the savior of my life, you know.

Administering CPR on me, and that’s something I’m truly thankful for, and I don’t take for granted.

Damar said he went back and watched the video twice when he was in the ICU, and he said it was a crazy feeling to see the footage, and he is still trying to process and work through what happened.

He said the first thing he remembered when he woke up in the hospital was hearing family members and other conversations around him, and he was trying to tie everything together.

The first words he spoke when he woke up were, ‘Did we win?’ 

The response he received was, “Yes, I won. I won the game of life.”

Damar Hamlin gives God the glory for his remarkable recovery. 

I’m just thankful he gave me a second chance, you know, just to live normally, and just, you know, just to come out almost without a scratch on me.

Just to be able to keep going.

The 24-year-old said he had never had any health abnormalities before the incident.

Damar attended Super Bowl LVII and shared a special moment on the field with first responders and medical professionals from the Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, and The University of Cincinnati Medical Center, who led his medical team during his recovery.

He said it was an uneasy feeling watching the game, and he couldn’t settle in because you want to be on the field as an athlete

Damar said he is doing great physically and working through things mentally, and his goal is to get back on the football field.

Watch the Damar Hamlin interview on “GMA” below:

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