Bryson Tiller has released the official music video for “Right My Wrongs” from his TRAPSOUL (Deluxe) album out today.

“Right My Wrongs” was the last song off of the original TRAPSOUL album released in 2015, but there was no visual for it until now.

Even though, the song is 5 years old it still hits like its brand new! The sign of a true classic.

The visual connects to the song very well and in the video, Bryson Tiller is attempting to take his girl on tour with him to right the wrongs he’s done in the past when he was on tour without her.

There are subliminal subtitles in the video that show the contrast of what’s being said and what’s being thought between couples in crisis.

Watch the video below:

TRAPSOUL (Deluxe) has 3 additional songs and an outro added to the original 2015 hit album.

Hopefully, Tiller releases a full new body of work because his sound and songwriting talent is unmatched.

Are you scooping or scrapping Bryson Tiller’s “Right My Wrongs” video?

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