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Trolls Band Together Movie Poster

Prepare to be enchanted once again as Poppy (Anna Kendrick) and Branch (Justin Timberlake) return to the big screen in the heartwarming and musically spectacular Trolls Band Together.

Having journeyed through two films of friendship and subtle romance, our beloved trolls take the plunge into a new chapter as an officially declared couple (#broppy).

But this time, the vibrant and melodic adventure takes an unexpected turn as Branch unveils a secret past that adds depth and emotion to the story.

The film takes a poignant turn as Poppy delves into Branch’s past, revealing his connection to the boyband phenomenon, BroZone.

Branch’s brothers, Floyd (Troye Sivan), John Dory (Eric André), Spruce (Daveed Diggs), and Clay (Kid Cudi), were once part of his life until BroZone disbanded, separating not just the band but the family.

The emotional depth added to Branch’s character makes the journey to reunite with his long-lost brothers a compelling and touching narrative.

True to the Trolls tradition, Trolls Band Together is a psychedelic joy-bomb of new and classic pop hits that will have audiences tapping their feet and humming along.

The film features a dazzling cast of musical superstars, with Camila Cabello as Viva, Zosia Mamet as Crimp, and RuPaul Charles as Miss Maxine, adding a fresh and dynamic layer to the franchise’s musical landscape.

For fans of Trolls and music enthusiasts alike, this installment delivers the perfect blend of adventure, humor, and heart.

The all-star cast includes returning favorites like Zooey Deschanel, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Anderson.Paak, and more, ensures that both young and old will find something to love in this vibrant cinematic experience.

Trolls Band Together is more than just an animated film; it’s a celebration of friendship, family, and the unifying power of music.

With a captivating storyline, a stellar cast, and an irresistible soundtrack, this movie is a must-watch for fans of Trolls and anyone who appreciates the joyous magic of animated musical adventures.

Take the whole family on this harrowing yet heartwarming journey, and let the trolls’ infectious positivity sweep you off your feet once again.

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