Brittany Parks involuntary manslaughter

Very sad news out of Atlanta. Brittany Parks is facing a number of charges including involuntary manslaughter after she “accidentally” shot and killed her 10-year-old son. 

The Clayton County mother initially told police she was unloading her weapon when it accidentally discharged. 

A bullet went through the wall striking her son. 

Brittany and her boyfriend rushed the child to Grady Hospital, where he later died. 

Police did not become aware of the shooting until after they were notified by Grady, which prompted them to bring in Brittany Parks and her boyfriend for questioning.

That’s when the water got murky.

Apparently, Brittany began giving the police various accounts of what led up to her son’s shooting. 

Her alternate versions of what occurred have not been released, but it resulted in Clayton County police charging Brittany Parks with involuntary manslaughter, reckless conduct, and 2nd-degree cruelty to children. 

Brittany had her first court appearance where a judge denied her bond. 

Her boyfriend, who was the only other person in the apartment at the time Brittany’s son was shot – was not charged.

Watch the news report below.

Please be extra careful whenever you’re handling a firearm.

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