Brian McKnight and Leilani Mendoza expecting rainbow baby

Brian McKnight and his wife Leilani Mendoza are expecting their rainbow baby

The “Crazy Love” singer took to Instagram on Thursday (November 10) to share the exciting news. 

Brian wrote:

We are ECSTATIC to finally announce BABY MCKNIGHT is coming soon!!!!!!!


To my beautiful wife you are my everything my hero my reason for living I’m so in love with you baby ♥️♥️♥️

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In May, Brian McKnight opened up about the loss of their newborn son, Kekoa Matteo, in a heartfelt Mother’s Day post to Leilani.

The R&B singer wrote: 

Baby, you are the greatest example of being a mother I’ve ever witnessed. 

Today was supposed to be Kekoa’s due date, and I know how hard him not being here in the flesh with us is weighing incredibly heavy on us, but I know he is with us just like Julia and Jack are, as shining examples of your exceptional motherhood.

The strength I saw in you through the loss of our son and the courage to deal with the hardest loss we’ve ever dealt with in our lives has been truly remarkable. I am in awe.

Seeing an ultrasound for the first time, feeling Kekoa move and dance around as I touched your belly, holding your hand as you gave birth, seeing him take his first breath, cutting his umbilical cord, kissing him, singing to our son and ultimately seeing him take his last breath with him on your chest and both of you in my arms.

For the very first time in my life I got to experience what it’s like to want to and plan to have a child made from love, and even though he was separated from us too soon I wouldn’t trade that gift you gave me for anything in the whole world. 

Our son will always be a part of us and live on in our hearts forever. 

Sending congratulations and prayers to Brian McKnight and Leilani Mendoza as they await the arrival of their rainbow baby. 

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