It’s been six months since Breonna Taylor was shot and killed in her home by Louisville police and she still has not received justice. 

According to various reports, the city of Louisville, Kentucky has agreed to a “substantial” (multimillion) settlement with Breonna’s family in their wrongful death suit against the city. 

The settlement also included a list of police reforms aimed at accountability and the execution of search warrants in the city, according to MSNBC correspondent Chris Jansing

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer is expected to announce the settlement later Tuesday in a joint press conference with the Taylor family attorneys.

Breonna was killed in her home on March 13 when Louisville police executed a “no-knock” warrant on her home. 

None of the officers involved in her shooting death have been criminally charged. 

One of the officers, Brett Hankinson, was fired in June for ”wantonly and blindly” firing 10 rounds into her apartment. 

We still demand Justice For Breonna Taylor!

Source: CNN