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Brandon T. Jackson Calls Out Kevin Hart For Wearing A Skirt In ‘Fatherhood’

Brandon T. Jackson took to the streets of social media with a message for Kevin Hart.

It appears Brandon may have been obsessing over Kevin a bit after watching his new film, Fatherhood, on Netflix.

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Fatherhood is currently the No. 1 film on the streaming service and initially, it seemed as if it inspired Brandon to get back into acting.

He tweeted:

Got up this morning a little frustrated but proud of Kevin Hart for his accomplishment. Watched Fatherhood, #1 Movie on Netflix.

You know what? Had the call and had a meeting with a Super Agent to plan my return for Jan 2022 on my comedy special. Yo

KEV ????Respect you to death. I’m coming for my spot! Gotta get back in the theatricals after I saw Martin Lawrence in Bad boys. And YO MARTIN! Call me but I’m not doing no funny roles man.

Peep the tweets below:

But, the respect-fest was short-lived and Brandon T. Jackson returned to social media to chastise Kevin Hart for wearing a skirt in a scene of the movie.

In a post on his Instagram page, Brandon wrote:

Whelp no judgment here @kevinhart4real! This is truly out of love and kindness this is from my #Hart…..but it’s 1, 2, 3, dresses and your out of the ole baaalll game!!!!⚾️

Love you bro, but I walked away from this and now, Yah will exalt my horn is HIS name. You are gonna have to sit down for a while in the spiritual penalty box!! Yah is mad at you, but I’ll help you through it brother. ????????You’ll get through it because you have #Hart. ✌????#kingdomovereverything

See his original post below.


You may recall a couple of years ago, Brandon spoke out regretting his decision to wear a dress when he starred in the Big Momma’s House films with Martin Lawrence.

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Meanwhile…back at the ranch, Kevin Hart is dancing on a tropical island to celebrate his latest film being No. 1.

What are you thoughts on Brandon calling out Kevin?

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