Brandon T. Jackson took to the streets of social media with a message for Kevin Hart.

It appears Brandon may have been obsessing over Kevin a bit after watching his new film, Fatherhood, on Netflix.

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Fatherhood is currently the No. 1 film on the streaming service and initially, it seemed as if it inspired Brandon to get back into acting.

He tweeted:

Got up this morning a little frustrated but proud of Kevin Hart for his accomplishment. Watched Fatherhood, #1 Movie on Netflix.

You know what? Had the call and had a meeting with a Super Agent to plan my return for Jan 2022 on my comedy special. Yo

KEV 🗣Respect you to death. I’m coming for my spot! Gotta get back in the theatricals after I saw Martin Lawrence in Bad boys. And YO MARTIN! Call me but I’m not doing no funny roles man.

Peep the tweets below:

But, the respect-fest was short-lived and Brandon T. Jackson returned to social media to chastise Kevin Hart for wearing a skirt in a scene of the movie.

In a post on his Instagram page, Brandon wrote:

Whelp no judgment here @kevinhart4real! This is truly out of love and kindness this is from my #Hart…..but it’s 1, 2, 3, dresses and your out of the ole baaalll game!!!!⚾️

Love you bro, but I walked away from this and now, Yah will exalt my horn is HIS name. You are gonna have to sit down for a while in the spiritual penalty box!! Yah is mad at you, but I’ll help you through it brother. 👌🏽You’ll get through it because you have #Hart. ✌🏽#kingdomovereverything

See his original post below.

You may recall a couple of years ago, Brandon spoke out regretting his decision to wear a dress when he starred in the Big Momma’s House films with Martin Lawrence.

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Meanwhile…back at the ranch, Kevin Hart is dancing on a tropical island to celebrate his latest film being No. 1.

What are you thoughts on Brandon calling out Kevin?