Shawn Stockman of the iconic group, Boyz II Men, was a recent guest on the FAQ Podcast and he opened up about what really happened with former group member, Mike McCary.

In 2003, Mike left the Grammy Award-winning group citing “health issues,” but over the years the truth behind the split began to trickle like a leaky faucet.

During his interview with Q and Fuzzy, Shawn Stockman made it very clear that he and the remaining group members love Mike dearly and he will always be their brother.

He then went on to detail how singing wasn’t really Mike’s passion.

Mike had the talent, an opportunity presented itself, and he went for it and became wildly successful as part of Boyz II Men.

Shawn described Mike as a loner, who mostly kept to himself.

Then, the Scoliosis came into play and it affected Mike’s ability to perform. (Mike McCary never told the group he was also battling Multiple sclerosis. But, we’ll get back to that.)

It eventually led to Mike missing shows and ghosting the group for weeks at a time.

There was one incident in particular, where Mike popped up after ghosting the group to inquire about a performance in Japan that offered a huge payday.

Let’s just say things got ugly and Mike ended up slamming Shawn onto a table at Wanya Morris‘ house.

Watch the clip below as Shawn tells the story.

Watch Shawn Stockman’s full interview on the FAQ Podcast below.

You may recall in 2016, Mike McCary appeared on “Iyanla: Fix My Life” where he opened up about feeling “betrayed” by the group.

Yet, he later admitted he wasn’t fully honest with brothers in music about his depression and his health issues.

Watch the clips below.

Hopefully, Mike McCary is doing well and thriving.