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Bow Wow: Rapper-Turned-‘WWE’ Hopeful Will Train With Rikishi

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Apparently, Bow Wow wasn’t kidding when he announced his plans to retire from rap and realize his lifelong childhood dream of joining the WWE.

Bow, real name Shad Moss, made the announcement on February 8 when he tweeted:

Now I know this might sound crazy…BUT…after I drop my last album. I will focus on TV and film. And joining the @WWE its been a lifelong childhood dream to wrestle in the WWE!!!!

See the original tweet below:

After creating a major buzz around his announcement, Bow Wow began trolling other WWE stars on social media.

Exhibit A:

Shad also announced he will be training with WWE star Rikishi!

I have officially decided to train with my boy @TheREALRIKISHI at his gym in California to get ready for the @wwe. LOCKED IN

Peep the tweet below:

If Bow Wow sees his WWE dreams realized – what should his wrestling moniker be?

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