Bow Wow said he doesn’t believe his ex, Joie Chavis, and Diddy will make it to wedding bells because he knows how Diddy moves.

A reporter asked Bow Wow how felt about his daughter potentially being around a new man.

He responded:

It ain’t going to get that far.

Only because when you know somebody since 13-years old… As far as like you’ve been around them, we’ve kicked it, we’ve partied with girls, and we’ve had pool parties.

So we know how we move when it comes to the ladies.

It ain’t gon be no wedding bells and chapels, and no s*** like that!”

Bow said he’s cool with Joie and Diddy and everybody is grown and everybody can do what they want.

Watch the video below:

Time will tell if Bow Wow is right.

Your thoughts?

Source: TMZ