Bow Wow Calls Jermaine Dupri On The 'Rory & Mal' Podcast Ready To Turn Up (Video)

Bow Wow called Jermaine Dupri while he was on the “Rory & Mal” podcast ready to slide through and turn up to release some stress from the bad day he was having.

The conversation took place on Facetime and Rory and Mal heard every word that was exchanged.

Bow Wow relayed to JD that he got some bad news from his baby mama early in the day and he was ready to go viral.

He told JD that he was “on 8” and ready to go up.

The whole time, Rory and Mal was loving the passion and viral talk that Bow Wow was spewing.

I’m not sure who’s responsible, but adding Usher’s “Confessions, Pt. II” instrumental to the clip was genius.

Watch the clip below:

Bow Wow stayed true to his word and made his way to the interview.

Watch the interview below:

Shouts out to Rory & Mal for a very insightful interview.

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