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Exciting news for fans of the Max Original comedy series “Bookie!” Chuck Lorre and Nick Bakay’s Emmy-nominated creation, starring the hilarious Sebastian Maniscalco, has just been greenlit for Season 2.

As the season one finale left viewers in stitches on December 21, the entire first season is now available for streaming on Max.

Amy Gravitt, Executive Vice President of HBO Programming and Head of HBO & Max Comedy Series, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “The collaboration between Chuck and Sebastian has proven to be a winning hand, and we’re looking forward to continuing the story with this incredibly talented cast and crew.”

Lorre and Bakay, the executive producers, couldn’t contain their excitement, stating, “We couldn’t be more excited that Max listened to their gut, paid the juice, and let it ride on Season 2 of ‘Bookie.'”

Channing Dungey, Chairman of Warner Bros. Television Group, acknowledged the success of “Bookie” in its inaugural season, highlighting the hilarious journey into the underbelly of illegal sports gambling.

Dungey looks forward to more antics in Season 2 and extends congratulations to the cast and crew, thanking their partners at Max.

For those unfamiliar with the show, “Bookie” follows the darkly funny exploits of veteran Los Angeles bookie Danny (Sebastian Maniscalco).

As the potential legalization of sports gambling in California looms, Danny faces the challenge of adapting his business to an ever-changing world.

Alongside his best friend Ray (Omar J. Dorsey), sister Lorraine (Vanessa Ferlito), and reformed drug dealer Hector (Jorge Garcia), Danny navigates the unpredictable world of risky bets and unstable clients.

The first season of “Bookie” boasted a stellar cast including Sebastian Maniscalco, Omar J. Dorsey, Jorge Garcia, Andrea Anders, Vanessa Ferlito, and Maxim Swinton, which has left audiences eagerly awaiting Season 2.

With relatable mishaps and humor that hits the mark, “Bookie” promises another round of laughs and excitement in its upcoming season.

Stay tuned for more antics from Danny and his crew as they continue to charm and con their way to the top in the ever-changing world of sports gambling.

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