Mo is back, baby!

Showtime has released the official trailer for season 2 of their hit series, “Black Monday,” and it’s all about the aftermath.

Here’s the scoop on what to expect:

Season one of the series followed Maurice “Mo” Monroe (Don Cheadle) as he and his group of outsiders took on the blue-blood, old-boys club of 1987 Wall Street, ultimately leading to the largest stock market crash in history, AKA Black Monday.

Friends became enemies, traders became traitors, and two people became dead.

This season focuses on the aftermath: As we begin, Dawn (Regina Hall) and Blair (Andrew Rannells) are the bosses now, quickly learning that heavy is the head that wears the crown, especially when that head is constantly looking over its shoulder for Mo, who’s on the run with Keith (Paul Scheer). Who will go down for the crash? Who will go down for the murders? Who will go down for fleecing Mo?

All will be revealed in season two.

Watch the trailer below:

Black Monday” season 2 pops off on Sunday, March 15th at 10/9c only on Showtime.

I will be front and center! How about you?