Ceaser Emanuel was over the moon after reuniting with his mother who was recently released from quarantine after battling Coronavirus.

The “Black Ink Crew” star took to social media writing:

They finally released my mother @desiree_simpson from a month quarantine.

I am not going lie this month was the scariest time in my life. To find out your mother caught Corona and watch her in a life threatening fight to get pass it.

She is the STRONGEST WOMAN I KNOW IN MY WHOLE LIFE and if it was anybody else, they would have gave up.

In these SCARY times keep your FAMILY CLOSE. I pray that we all MAKE IT THROUGH THIS…. F**K CORONA #ceaserblackink #ilovemymom

See Ceaser’s original post below:

I’m so happy Ceaser’s mother is doing well and they have been reunited.

Please stay safe and stay at home!