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'Black Barbie' (Courtesy of Netflix)

Netflix has just released the official trailer for Black Barbie, a documentary film that promises to shed light on the profound impact of three Black women at Mattel who revolutionized the iconic Barbie brand.

Written and directed by Lagueria Davis and produced by Aaliyah Williams and Lagueria Davis, Black Barbie is set to premiere on June 19, exclusively on Netflix.

Black Barbie delves into the creation and legacy of the first Black Barbie, introduced in 1980, and examines the crucial role of representation in toys.

Through the stories of three charismatic insiders at Mattel, the film highlights how dolls can significantly influence identity and imagination, particularly for Black children.

The documentary is inspired by the story of Lagueria Davis’s great aunt, Beulah Mae Mitchell, a pioneering Mattel employee who courageously asked company co-founder Ruth Handler, “Why don’t we make a Barbie that looks like me?”

This pivotal question set off a journey that culminated in the introduction of the first non-white official Barbie.

Black Barbie takes viewers on a historical exploration of Black dolls, their impact on civil rights and Black entrepreneurship, and the vital role of imaginative play in shaping children’s identities.

Davis’s film juxtaposes the groundbreaking contributions of three Black women at Mattel with the stories of a select group of Black women immortalized as Barbie dolls.

The documentary also features reflections from celebrities and fans, offering a comprehensive celebration of Black culture over the past 70 years and the significant influence of Black Barbie on the diverse array of dolls available today.

In the trailer, viewers are given a glimpse into this powerful narrative.

The vibrant visuals and heartfelt testimonials promise a moving exploration of how the iconic doll has shaped and been shaped by Black culture.

Aaliyah Williams, co-producer of the film, expressed her excitement about the project: “This documentary is a tribute to the trailblazers who dared to challenge the status quo and paved the way for future generations. It’s a celebration of resilience, creativity, and the undeniable power of representation.”

Lagueria Davis added, “Telling this story has been a deeply personal journey for me. My great aunt’s courage and vision inspired this film, and I hope it inspires others to recognize the importance of diversity and representation in all aspects of life.”

Black Barbie is not just a documentary about a toy; it’s a poignant reflection on the strides made in the fight for equality and the power of representation in shaping the minds of young children.

Mark your calendars for June 19 and prepare to be inspired by this remarkable film, exclusively on Netflix.

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