Less than two weeks after revealing he has been living with HIV for 14 years, Billy Porter has announced his memoir, “Unprotected,” is on the way!

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The “Pose” star shared the following video on his official Instagram page:

“Unprotected” is the life story of a singular artist and survivor in his own words. It is the story of a boy whose talent and courage opened doors for him, but only a crack.

It is the story of a teenager discovering himself, learning his voice and his craft amidst deep trauma. And it is the story of a young man whose unbreakable determination led him through countless hard times to where he is now; a proud icon who refuses to back down or hide.

Porter is a multitalented, multifaceted treasure at the top of his game, and Unprotected is a resonant, inspirational story of trauma and healing, shot through with his singular voice.

Unprotected: A Memoir” will arrive on October 19, 2021. 

Scoop your copy below.