Bill Cosby Found Liable In Judy Huth Sexual Assault Trial, Ordered To Pay $500K
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A jury on Tuesday ruled that Bill Cosby is liable for the 1975 sexual assault of Judy Huth at the Playboy Mansion. 

Judy, now 65, testified that was just 16-years-old will the legendary comedian and actor molested her. 

She tested that Bill Cosby kept pursuing her after she told him she was just “15” or “16” years old. 

Judy accused Bill of trying to put his hand down her tight pants and exposing himself before he forced her to touch him sexually on a bed in a “blue room.” 

I was trying to deflect.

But he didn’t stop. I just closed my eyes.

It was so fast. Maybe five minutes. Quick.

Following the alleged assault, Judy did file a police report but cops didn’t pursue charges against Cosby.

The jury awarded Huth $500,000 in damages. 

This trial represented one of the last remaining legal claims against Cosby after his Pennsylvania criminal conviction was thrown out by an appeals court last year.

Bill did not attend the Judy Huth civil trial and he did not testify. 

Source: NBC News

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