Big Sean recently posted a video to his IG account asking for people to support his mom’s new IG self-care series that he will co-host with her.

Sean said his mom, Myra Anderson, has dedicated her life to dieting and manifesting things in all different aspects of life.

Ms. Anderson has cured auto-immune diseases that doctors said were incurable and she also helped Big Sean fix his heart condition by taking him to holistic doctors.

He believes it is her life calling, as well as his, to help people with self-care.

Watch the video below:

Big Sean will post each episode on his IG page every Saturday.

Well let me add this, our lil episodes are 8 to 10 mins so we didn’t go super deep into subjects like we coulda if we had like a whole 30 mins or a hour even, but definitely enough to introduce habits n basic tools that you can easily do to help take your life to a better place.

Check out Episode 1 (Mindset) below:

Set Your ATTENTION ON INTENTION. Bare with us, we never done this before lol. My Mom had the idea of us introducing basic things that have tremendously helped us and people in our circle and your mind is where it all starts, a lot of y’all are probably hip already, but some aren’t and for anyone who’s anxiety runs high, feeling stuck, depressed you might just need to adjust your mindset to get properly started.

Shout out to Big Sean and his mom for informing the world how to live their best life.