Bianca Mayti held 20 corporate jobs before she turned 21, and now that she has cracked the interview formula, she’s on a mission “to change the world.”

Bianca is on a mission to change the way employees sees their talent through her activism.

Her energy is just as incredible as her story. She said she became addicted to getting job offers.

For me, I’ll be honest, there was like a dopamine, a thrill, whenever I would get a call back for an interview.

And then that was even intensified when I got the job. And I got addicted to it.

And as I went on these job interviews, I learned about all their strategies, it was almost like, I’m gonna go in here and hack the way that they recruit.

Once I started to look back at that data, I was like, I could get somebody else hired at all these companies, you know, they’re all using the same strategy.

And that is exactly what she started doing.

Bianca created More4Less Resumes which specializes in helping unconventional job seekers land their dream jobs.

One of her huge success stories is formally incarcerated Raylene Brookes, who was incarcerated from the ages of 17-46. She had major problems finding a job due to her 29-year incarceration, and she ran across Bianca’s Instagram page.

Bianca stepped in and decided to put the jobs that Raylene had worked in prison on her resume. Raylene ended up getting an assessment specialist job that works with the homeless, which is the type of work she has a passion for.

Bianca is on a mission to change the world through her passion for helping others and her activism.

Watch the GMA video below:

As seen in the video, Bianca says her primary motivation comes from her autistic daughter.

Shout out to Bianca Mayti for being a phenomenal woman with an incredible drive to change the world, and we wish her and her family all the success in their future endeavors.

If you need help landing a job, check out Bianca’s Instagram there are numerous helpful resume tips on there.

Source: GMA