BET+ has released the official trailer for season 2 of their hit series, “First Wives Club.”

The series, from Tracy Oliver, stars Jill Scott, Michelle Buteau, and Ryan Michelle Bathé, who play best friends Hazel, Ari, and Bree.

Here’s the scoop on season 2 via Entertainment Weekly:

Hazel (Jill Scott) returns from a successful tour with a new man on her arm, though Bree (Michelle Buteau) refers to him as an “18-year-old man-child.” But upon arriving home, Hazel realizes it’s not easy getting her own label off the ground. 

Meanwhile, Bree’s reconciliation with Gary (RonReaco Lee) is hitting some bumps in the road just as the handsome new hospital administrator (Gary Dourdan) has his eyes on her for the freshly vacant chief surgeon gig (and who knows what else). 

And while Ari (Ryan Michelle Bathé) escaped moving to Albany with her newly elected New York state senator husband, David (Mark Tallman), she finds her return to the legal world included a temporary move to L.A. That leads to some very unsuccessful attempts to bridge the distance romantically, and her husband is getting uncomfortably close to his new assistant.

I am also excited to report the addition of Michelle Mitchenor, who will play Jayla, the women’s sorority sister who’s now an attorney. But Jayla will have to resolve some bad blood between herself and Hazel first before she’s fully accepted into the crew.

Jordan CarlosEssence Atkins, and Mikhail Keize are also joining the cast in recurring roles.

Watch the trailer below.

First Wives Club” season 2 is set to premiere on BET+ on July 15 and the first season is streaming now!

Are you ready?

Source: EW