It’s with a heavy heart that I report Eric Jerome Dickey has passed away after battling cancer. 

The bestselling author of “Sister, Sister,” “Walking With Enemies,” and “Naughty or Nice” died on Sunday (January 3) in Los Angeles. 

He was 59.

Dickey was a native of Memphis, Tennessee, and a computer technology major at the University of Memphis. He moved to Los Angeles after college and eventually set much of his work there. He worked as a software engineer in the aerospace industry, but found himself becoming more interested in the arts. He developed his narrative skills through creative writing classes at UCLA and through reading; favorite authors included Judy Blume. (Via The Associated Press)

In a 2007 interview, Eric Jerome Dickey shared: 

I’m always trying to write a good story. When I’m writing I’m always trying to write these twists and turns that, as you’re reading the book, you get to — it’s called these oh-no-he-didn’t or no-she-didn’t or no-that-didn’t-happen moment where, you know, you want to call your friend and say, are you on page 40? Get to page 40.

Mr. Dickey is survived by four daughters. 

My sincerest condolences to his family, friends, and all who loved him and his literary works.

Rest in paradise.