Best Father-Daughter Beatbox Duo Ever Ed Cage & Nicole Paris Are Still At It (Video)

I’m not sure how I missed this dynamic beatbox duo for the past five years, but I saw a video of Ed Cage and Nicole Paris on Instagram this morning, and I was blown away.

They have made various appearances on many tv shows, and Nicole was even a part of the 2015 BET Hip Hop Awards Beatbox Cypher with beatbox legends Doug E. Fresh and Rahzel.

Nicole definitely held her own with the two legends, and her joy and excitement watching the playback of a moment that she will probably never forget is priceless.

Watch the video below of Nicole watching herself at the 2015 BET Hip Hop Awards:

Mr. Cage said he use to beatbox to his daughter Nicole while she was in the womb, and you can tell how impressed and proud of his daughter he is for mastering the craft that he taught her every time they perform together.

A video that Mr. Cage and his daughter made battling each other five years ago went viral, and their talent projected them to numerous tv show appearances including “The Steve Harvey Show“, “The Today Show,” and “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” just to name a few.

Scoop the video that went viral and introduced the Mentor (Mr. Cage) and the Apprentice (Nicole) to the world below:

Scoop the video of Mr. Cage and his daughter Nicole on “The Steve Harvey Show” below:

Scoop the video of Mr. Cage and his daughter Nicole on “The Today Show” below:

I am happy to report that the dynamic duo are still at it, and the last video they posted was in December 2020.

Scoop the Mentor and the Apprentice most recent video below:

As a true hip-hop fan, it is a pleasure to watch Ed Cage and his daughter Nicole Paris perform. Mr. Cage’s excitement when his daughter goes off is a visual representation of a father’s love and admiration for what he created.

We wish many blessings to Ed Cage and his daughter Nicole Paris, and we look forward to more amazing beatbox videos from the Mentor and the Apprentice in 2021.

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