Bath & Body Works Employees Put ‘Champagne Toast’ Paws On Unruly Customer (Video)

Bath & Body Works is trending in the streets of social media and it has nothing to do with their semi-annual sale or their 3-wick candles.

A video has gone viral of BBW employees putting the Champagne Toast paws on an unruly customer in the middle of the store as other customers watched in total shock.

Here’s the eyewitness scoop on what went down:

IT ALL STARTED BECAUSE… white lady was standing too close to another customer (not shown) & they started arguing. BBW employees tried to de-escalate but the white lady wouldn’t leave so that’s where the video picks up 🙂

The other customer was a black queen who didn’t involve herself at all in the madness

See the clip below:

Bath & Body Works is trending as people react to the viral brawl.

Peep the tweets below:

Do you think the employees should be fired?

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