Our Forever POTUS Barack Obama retweeted and expressed his gratitude to three special voters who shared their early voting circumstances on twitter.

Brian Wallach, Dawn L, and Sofia Hidalgo are the early voters who Obama praised on Twitter for their enthusiasm related to voting in the 2020 election.

Brian Wallach is living with a terminal illness, but he made sure his ballot was cast. Obama called Brian an inspiration to all, and the former President encouraged those thinking about not voting in the 2020 election to reconsider.

Dawn L. is fighting stage three kidney cancer, but she voted and she got her mom registered to vote for the first time. Obama praised Dawn for getting her mother registered to vote, and he gave her words of encouragement in her fight with cancer.

Sofia Hidalgo is a Cuban-American woman who voted for the first time, and she decorated her car to encourage others to vote. Obama thanked Sofia for making her voice heard.

Former President Obama has been active on these digital streets, he’s released over twelve how-to videos on voting and he filmed himself filling out a mail-in-ballot.

Obama is awesome!

Please make sure you make your voice heard and exercise your right to vote.

Source: The Hill

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