B. Simone showers two to three days

If B. Simone is trending you can rest assured it’s behind some type of tomfoolery.

This time, the comedian, actress, and businesswoman sparked chatter on social media after she shared on her “Know For Sure” podcast that she doesn’t shower every day.

She said, “I don’t shower every day. Is that nasty?”

B. Simone went on to state that she doesn’t go more than two or three days without showering unless she’s “thuggin it.”

Her co-host, Megan Ashley, asked, “If you take a shower on Monday when’s the next time you’re taking a shower?” 

The “Wild ’N Out” cast member responded, “Thursday morning.” 

After counting the days, B. Simone corrected her answer and said, “Wednesday, but a Thursday probably has happened.”

Watch the clip below. 

Read social media reactions below. 

Following the criticism and backlash she received regarding her hygiene, B. Simone got in the shower on Instagram Live. 

Being the entrepreneur that she is, B. also attempted to monetize the situation by pushing her products.

See the videos below.

Again, social media shared their reactions.


Personal hygiene is just that – personal.

B. Simone has the right to wash her crockpot whenever she sees fit, but she doesn’t have to share the information with us.

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