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B. Simone Breaks Down Her Philosophy On Not Dating Men Who Have A 9-5 (Video)

B. Simone recently appeared on the “Geto Boys Reloaded” podcast, and she broke down her philosophy on why she doesn’t date men that have a 9-5.

Well, I say this in my standup and I explain because most of the people that support me actually… they are hard working citizens… they have 9-5s.

I do this at the end of my standup set, I say clap if you have a 9-5, right, because I had a 9-5 less than two years ago… Well, about two years ago. I was waiting tables, I was working… Clap if you have a 9-5!… Whole room claps. Clap if you would love to be at that job for the next 30 to 50 years!… No one claps.

That’s my point! I can’t date a man that’s not following his dream, following his heart, is happy at… You sitting at a desk, you mad at me because I’m out on tour living my life, and you stuck not following your purpose.

I’m not saying that a 9-5 is bad, but if you are not driven, you’re not following your heart, you’re not living your dreams, you got million dollar ideas in your mind and you’re too scared to do it.

I can’t date no man like that!

B. Simone somewhat contradicts herself later on in the interview when she admits she was involve with a guy who was struggling with his career path about three weeks ago.

Watch the video below:

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