August Alsina - Lied To You video

August Alsina has released the official music video for his latest single, “Lied To You.”

The Mark Mark-directed video is accompanied by a photosensitivity and epilepsy warning due to a strobing light effect.

In the song, August is talking his ish as he sings:

Still got the mud on my shoes
They just talkin', I done been through it
Where I'm from, these ni**as been shootin'
So you know I don't care 'bout no f**kin' rumors
Can't nobody tell on me, I beat 'em to it
Eat my cabbage up and I'ma never chew it two times
No excuses, I'ma stand up for mine
I work too hard so I'm having my way up
Day after day I be stackin' my cheddar and paper
I took your b**ch and I had her f**kin' in the Days Inn
If you ever wanna know the code, it's "F**k you, ni**a, pay me"
Hand me my currency currently, you know that money is time

Watch the official music video below.

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