An Atlanta IKEA got their special Juneteenth menu all wrong and it resulted in 33 employees calling off from work.

See the menu below:

Unfortunately, management thought the stereotypical menu would be appropriate.

Employees said they were notified via email of the menu and other events planned for Juneteenth.

Many employees were outraged by the menu, some threatened to quit, and 33 employees called out of work.

The store manager responded to the backlash on Saturday (Juneteenth) with an apologetic email.

According to store employees, none of the coworkers who had input on the menu were Black.

Management revised the menu and delayed the Juneteenth celebration by a day, but the damage had already been done.

Reportedly, customers also felt the menu was insulting.

IKEA employees are calling for management to educate themselves more on Black culture.

See the CBS46 news report below:

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