Dr. Bipul K. Singh, a principal at Oglethorpe Avenue Elementary School in Athens, Georgia, was caught on video stabbing balloons sent in support of a student who created LGBTQ artwork.

The artwork created by the student was a picture of a rainbow flag with an umbrella in the center with the words “Gay Is Okay” underneath the umbrella.

Gay Is Okay - Athens

Someone sent the student a bouquet of colorful balloons in support of the LGBTQ artwork, and Principal Singh was seen on camera stabbing the balloons one by one.

The problem started weeks ago when the artwork was removed from a classroom due to a parent complaint.

Assistant principal Sandra Scott made matters worse by comparing the artwork to swastikas, according to a teacher involved.

The family of the student has hired attorney Jeffrey Jackson to hold the principal and assistant principal accountable for their actions.

So far nothing has been done, but angry families plan to attend a school board meeting on Thursday (February 10) to voice their frustration.

Watch the CBS 46 Atlanta news report below:

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