Seeking Sister Wife” star Ashley Snowden has apparently ended her “marriage” to Dimitri Snowden because she took to her IG account on Wednesday (July 14) to announce she’s single.

She also checked a few cyberbullies in the process.

In a lengthy post, Ashley wrote:

My truth, because misinformation is harmful: I’m single and grateful for life ✨
With that said, I’d like to share some tips that may make this world a kinder place for everyone, especially people who are experiencing trauma:
Refrain from asking personal questions of people you don’t know, personally. If someone hasn’t shared personal info, chances are they don’t want to talk about it yet, or ever. And that’s ok! You will survive, but you have no idea how hard they may be trying to survive.

If you’re genuinely concerned for someone’s well being, or feel they may be exhibiting abnormal behavior, approach them PRIVATELY or ask someone you know they are close to for help. If you can’t approach them privately, 9x out of 10, it’s none of your business.

That may sound harsh, but it’s more harsh to harass people for info you think they owe you because YOU are curious, when it has nothing to do with you.
So many people are moving through heavy things; there’s compassion in waiting to be invited into someone’s world. I know some of you have sensed shifts, or maybe you simply enjoy a good scandal. I’m deeply moved by the DMs, check-ins, words of encouragement, and shared experiences I receive daily.

To those who miss or refuse social cues, let’s normalize pausing and allowing folx to share personal stuff if THEY choose. That’s kindness. 
To the “you’re a celebrity so you signed up for this” crowd: that’s an outdated excuse to harass & insult people you don’t know. Cyber bullying is harmful.

It also lets me know that you, too, may be hurting, and I have compassion for that even if it’s not reciprocal. We are all human, trying to figure life out. I’m no different. I condemn the slander against me as malicious, and I don’t support the slandering of others, ever.
It’s cool if you don’t like me, that’s life. However, there’s power in redirecting energy to things you do like. Unfollowing is an undervalued tool for a peaceful life.

Blocking or restricting accounts are dope features, too. I now get joy in allowing folx to watch me rise above⛈????????
Seriously though? Just be kind, y’all. My love to everyone, especially those growing through some heavy things????

See the original post below:

Dimitri and Ashley have been together for over a decade, but they were never legally married.

The scoop on the street is Dimitri was married when he met Ashley. A few Google keystrokes will give you all the scoop on that. ????

Here’s a clip of the couple introducing themselves to the world on “Seeking Sister Wife.”

Dimitri did legally marry Christeline Peterson last season on the show, but their marriage quickly ended in divorce after she claimed Dimitri was abusive.

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Meanwhile…back at the ranch, Dimitri Snowden has completely scrubbed his Instagram page and is laying low under the radar. ????

Speaking of cues… Ashley never looked like she was fully with the sister-wife lifestyle especially considering the looks she would give Dimitri at the wedding ceremonies.

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