Ashanti breaks silence on Irv Gotti

Ashanti is finally breaking her silence in regard to Irv Gotti.

You may recall that the Murder Inc. head honcho aired out all of the unnecessary details of his business and personal relationship with the “Foolish” singer during an interview on “Drink Champs.

Irv detailed how their affair began, shared that he was hurt and in love with Ashanti when she began dating Nelly, he recalled writing songs after having sex with her, and he blasted her for running when the label was facing serious criminal charges.

Ashanti, who looked absolutely beautiful, was completely poised as she eloquently shared her side of the story while refusing to play “in the mud” with Irv Gotti.

She began by sharing why she chose not to participate in the Murder Inc documentary that aired on BET.

It’s very unfortunate how Irv decided to handle his documentary.

It’s a little sad to see a grown man conduct himself in that manner. 

I feel like the Murder Inc. legacy is so much bigger. We accomplished so much and made amazing history and I feel like the way that he handled it tarnished and cheapened the brand. 

I feel like we all worked so hard and for you to be that selfish to just throw mud on the name because you might have gotten a check …I feel like that’s so selfish and so degrading.

Ashanti admitted that she did watch a bit of the first episode and she watch a little bit of the third episode, which was centered on her. 

She said after the infamous “Drink Champs” interview with Irv Gotti aired, she got to see how many people really love her. 

Ashanti added, “My phone was going crazy…texts from exes and everything.” 

She went on to say, “It wasn’t surprising to me to an extent because I’ve accepted a long time ago that that’s the person that his is. But, now the world is seeing.”

“I feel like mentally Irv is not in a good place. You see people that have narcissistic ways. You see people that are very selfish. You see people that are hurt and in pain. And as a grown woman, I feel like there is a difference between when men are hurt and when women are hurt and we carry that hurt and how long we carry that hurt.”

Ashanti shared why she thinks Irv Gotti went out of his way to tarnish her name. 

“I think when you’ve come to a realization that you no longer can manipulate or control somebody you let go. And then you…you just vomit and it looks nasty, it smells nasty, and that’s a reflection of the person that you are. When someone is pain they act out of character. I see a lot of feminine qualities.”

She added, “I feel like sometimes when a man feels like he’s losing control and he can’t manipulate and he can’t dictate and he can’t tell you what do to with your finances and he can’t control where you go or who you’re with…I think that gets to a man’s ego.”

“So then he turns to bashing and he turns to intimidation and he turns to trying to make you look bad to boost his own ego. It’s really sad to watch that.”

When Angie Martinez asked Ashanti if she wanted to clarify anything about the relationship and love Irv Gotti claims that they had, she responded, “I think that Irv definitely has his side and his version. I think that sometimes…you know like how you may think that it’s something and the other person knows that it’s not? And you manifest this thing into something big and it’s really not that and when that person finally realizes that it’s not that it turns them into a completely different person.”

“Irv has flat-out lied about a lot of things. And the crazy thing is when we were in a good space, a positive space… pillow talk is a dangerous thing. And there are so many things that I know…and for a long time and probably forever I don’t have the desire to expose certain things.”

Oh, and about “Happy,” the song Irv Gotti says he wrote after having sex with Ashanti…she said, “I’m trying to figure out what made him even say that! Was I there? I’m confused I don’t remember this at all!”

“I wrote ‘Happy’ in the parking lot of CW Post College. I was actually on the way to see ‘Nutcracker’ with my aunt and my cousins in my 626 Mazda. I wrote ‘Happy’ in that parking lot, that night waiting for my cousin to show up.”

Watch the full interview below.

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