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Paramount+ has released the official trailer for the documentary, As We Speak: Rap Music On Trial, arriving February 27.

About The Documentary:

Directed by J.M. Harper, the eye-opening documentary follows Bronx rap artist Kemba as he explores the growing weaponization of rap lyrics in the United States criminal justice system and abroad. 

His exploration reveals how law enforcement has quietly used artistic creation as evidence in criminal cases for decades.

Since the 1990s, more than 700 criminal court cases have used rap lyrics as evidence against defendants. 

With the recent criminal trial of rapper Young Thug, this issue has become more mainstream and in the public eye. 

The film doesn’t ask whether someone is innocent or guilty; it asks whether lyrics can be used for conviction.

It’s not every day a director gets to meet a once-in-a-generation rap artist like Kemba and then has the opportunity to spotlight him in a film like As We Speak: Rap Music On Trial,” said director J.M. Harper. 

The history of black lyrics on trial predates hip-hop by hundreds of years, and thanks to the crew at District 33, Park Pictures, and Strike Anywhere, we found a way to bring the story of the music to life.

The trust and support from our friends at Paramount+ truly enabled us to make this documentary from the artist’s point of view.

We look forward to inspiring positive change in our broken criminal-justice system.

Release Date:

February 27, 2024, only on Paramount+

Watch The Trailer: 

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